Alef Words 1

From the Gesenius Hebrew and English Lexicon

Alef 1 | Alef, Forefather, Ancestor

Alef 2 | Alef, Forefather, Ancestor (continued)

Alef 3 | Father, Fruit, Abagtha, Wander, to be Lost,

Alef 4 | Perish, Wretched, a thing Lost, Destruction, Poverty, Stall

Alef 5 | turning Sword, Abiasaph, Abigail, Melons, Father-of-Strength, Abiel, Abidah, Abijah, Abidan

Alef 6 | God-is-father, Abihud, Abihail, Needy, Poor, Desire, Lust, Father-of-Might, Abitub, Abital, Abimelech, Abinadab, Abinoam, Abiezer, Strong

Alef 7 | Bullock, Abiram, Mourn, Moist, Abishag, Abishua, Abishur, Abishai, Abishalom, Abiather, Rol

Alef 8 | Abel-Beth-Maachah, Abel-Shittim, Abel-Keramim, Abel-Mizraim, Lamentation, Truly, Indeed, Rock

Alef 9 | Leaden-Weight, Stone, Belt, Abez, Ibzan, to Pound

Alef 10 | Dust, Powder, Strive Upwards, Bow, Wing-Feather, Abraham, Agee, Absolam, Agog

Alef 11 | Bind, Knot, Agur, Coin, Eglaim, Loathe, to Burn, Stagnant Water, Sad, Flow

Alef 12 | Hosts, Armies, Collect, List, Epistle, Letter, Mist, Vapor, Adad, Adbeel

Alef 13 | Iddo, Master, Lord, the Lord

Alef 14 | Adoraim, there upon, large, great, mighty, man, Adaliah, Red, Ruddy, Adam

Alef 15 | Red, Ruddy, Edom, Earth, Adamah, Red-Haired, Admatha, Ruddy, Addan, Foundation

Alef 16 | Bezek, Adonizedek, lord of altitude, threshing floor, to-be-large, Adramellech

Alef 17 | Cloak, longing, lover

Alef 18 | Tabernacle, Shine, Oholibah

Alef 19 | Aaron, to return, botlle, soothsayer

Alef 20 | Sorcerer, Burden, Weight, Dwelling

Alef 21 | Howl, Uzal, pleasure, Merodach, to be foolish

Alef 22 | To twist, mighty, vestibule

Alef 23 | Ulam, falsehood, Omer, strength

Alef 24 | Ono, Ophir, Uphaz, Onam

Alef 25 | A wheel, press on, hasten, press close, storehouse, face to shine

Alef 26 | Light, Lights, Ur

Alef 27 | Light, fiery, Urijah, sign, token

Alef 28 | then, girdle, hyssop, belt, to depart

Alef 29 | departure, furniture, implement, tool, Uzzen-Sherah, manacles

Alef 30 | to gird, be strong, brother, native tree, friend, confederate, ally, Ezrahite

Alef 31 | faces, furnace, Ahab, a brother, howling

Alef 32 | Marsh grass, Ehud, declaration, together, reed

Alef 33 | the West, relative, sister, kinswoman, spouse, to hold fast

Alef 34 | to make fast, possessor, Ahzai, Ahaziah, Ahuzzath, riddle

Alef 35 | Ahiah, Ahitub, Ahinalab, Ahiram, wishing

Alef 36 | amethyst, Ahasbai, Ecbatana, extremity

Alef 37 | hinder parts, after, latter, Aharah, another, last

Alef 38 | backwards, satraps, Ahasuerus, mules, gentle sound

Alef 39 | to shut, shut up, impeded, not there, where?

Alef 40 | habitable ground, howling, wailing, Ichabod, enmity, misfortune, Ajah

Alef 41 | Job, stag, where, how, strength, mighty

Alef 42 | Deerfield, Elon, trees, hind, strength, dread

Alef 43 | Emim, no, not, nothing, nothingness, present, at hand, well-nigh

Alef 44 | Where, Ephah, man, male, manly, vigour,

Alef 45 | one, another, each, everyone, Ishobosheth, Ishod, Little Man

Alef 46 | there is, Ithiel, firmness, Ethan, Ithamar only, but

Alef 47 | to bind, falsehood, Achzib, violence, cruelty, Achish, devour

Alef 48 | to taste, to be eaten, consumed, Ucal, food, firmly, to load, labour, dig

Alef 49 | digger, husbandman, Achshaph, angry, nothing, deprecating, strong, mighty

Alef 50 | power of my hand, the Almighty, mighty ones, heroes, God of gods, these




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