Beth Words 1

From the Gesenius Hebrew and English Lexicon

Index of Hebrew to English words 4



Alef - Beth 105 | Gift, harlot, place, where, Ethnan, Atharim, track, Beth

Beth 106 | Among, in, after, in the manner of

Beth 107 | In, into, near, with

Beth 108 | To, upon, respect to

Beth 109 | Son, entrance, dig, well, fountain, beer

Beth 110 | Beer-Lathai-Roi, Beersheba, Beera, Beerot, Beeri, stink, smell, stench, bad

Beth 111 | Hollow, hole, gate, Babel, Babylon, Babylonia, cover, covertly, deceitful, deceitfully, faithless, treachery, oppress, pillage

Beth 112 | Waster, spoiler, rapine, Bigtha, Bigthan, separation, separated, part, parts, vain, empty talk, boasting, liars, form, fashion, devise, to feign

Beth 113 | Disjoin, divide, separate, babble, idle talk, separation, alloy, divide, discern, part, piece

Beth 114 | Pearl, Bedan, breach, chink, Bidkar, sunder, scatter, elegance, clean, shining, haste, terrible, shake, trepidation, amazed, confounded, hasty, perish, destroyed

Beth 115 | Tremble, quicken, terrify, shut, close, lion, cattle, cow, beast, behometh, hippopotamus, elephant

Beth 116 | Shut, cover, thumb, Bohan, white, leprosy, shine, bright, brightness, to go enter, into

Beth 117 | Enter, come, to attack, fulfilled, to walk

Beth 118 | Bring, lead upon, led, brought, despise, contemn, contempt, Buz, entangle, perplex, to increase, to be high

Beth 119 | Bunah, tread upon, trodden, to be white, byssus, Bozez, empty, emptiness, desolation, devastation, pit, cistern

Beth 120| Prison, dungeon, grave, sepulchre, shame, ashamed, disappointed, confused, perplexed, troubled, delay, shameful, prey, spoil, booty

Beth 121 | Rend, divide, despise, contemn, prey, plunder, booty, Bizjothjah, scatter, disperse, Biztha, assayer, watch-tower, tower

Beth 122 | Chosen, elect, loathe, abhor, greedy, avaricious, try, test, to prove, proof, trial, approve

Beth 123 | Choice, select, elect, excellent, selected, Bahurim, blaterare, blatherer, babble, babbler, trust, confide, confidant, secure, cook, ripen, security

Beth 124 | Betah, trust, confidence, vacant, hollow, empty, belly, womb, protuberance, entreaty, prayer, pistachios, Beten

Beth 125 | Separate, distinguish, mark, to know, acquainted, intelligent, discreet, knowing, understand, declare, attentive

Beth 126 | Perceive, understanding, separation, between, amongst, from-the-womb, after-birth, interval

Beth 127 | Egg, well, fortress, castle, palace, house, domus,dwelling, tabernacle, tent

Beth 128 | Palace, capital, citadel, temple, habitation, within, house, household, good, substance

Beth 129 | Palace, capital, citadel, temple, habitation, within, house, household, good, substance



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