Beth Words 2

From the Gesenius Hebrew and English Lexicon

Index of Hebrew to English words 4




Beth 130 | Beth-aven, beth-el, Bethel, Bethelite, Beth-arbel, Beth-birei, beth-bara, beth-gader, Beth-haram, Beth-hoglah

Beth 131 | Beth-araba, Beth-pelet, Beth-peor, Beth-rehob, Beth-shean, Beth-shittah, Beth-shemesh, Beth-tappuah, palace, distil, weeping, lamentation, weeping

Beth 132 | Weeping, firstling, first-born, chief, first-fruits, Bechorath, fig, mourning, lamentation, Bochim, cleave, burst, trickling

Beth 133 | First-fruits, virgin, Bechar, young camel, Becheru, Bichri, Not, last, heart, Bet, Belus, Belesys,Belibus, afflict, Bel, Baladan

Beth 134 | Shine forth, cheerful, Bilgah, Bildad, tremble, trepidation, terrify, frighten, fall away, fail wholly, sorrow, calamity, decayed, terror, terrors, Bilhah, tribute

Beth 135 | Rags, clothing, Belteshazzar, consumption, failure, without knowledge, because not, unprofitable, unprofitableness, worthlessness, bad, badness, wickedness, destruction

Beth 136 | Belial, wicked man, pour together, mingle, confound, fade, wither, mix oneself, cultivate, bind together, swallow, devour, consume, destroy

Beth 137 | Swallow, destroy, vanish, destruction, Bela, without, Balaam, Bileam, Balak, Belshazzar, empty out

Beth 138 | Bilshan, nothing, without, not, besides, high place, stronghold, mountain

Beth 139 | Sepulchral, tumulus, Bimhal, Bamoth, son, king's son, grandson

Beth 140 | Boy, Bamoth, youth, vassal, subject, foster-son, time, condition, sons of God

Beth 141 | Ben, boy, son, Hadad, Ben-Zoheth, Ben-Hail, Ben-hanan, Beneberack, Sons of exile,built, erect

Beth 142 | Build, built, rebuild, Binnui, daughter, Bani, Bunni, Benaiah, Benjamin

Beth 143 | Benjamin, Beninu, building, Besodeiah, indignant, angry, Binea, sour, unripe, about, without, hedge, shield

Beth 144 | Surrounded, amid, nearness, shut, behind, after, swell, boil

Beth 145 | Tumor, swelling, seek, inquire, sought, Beor, Boaz, tread upon, kick, entreaty, prayer, cattle, beasts, lord, master, husband, disdain, reject, rejected

Beth 146 | Married, lord, master, possessor, owner, husband, inhabitants, citizens, Baal, Baaliml

Beth 147 | Bel, Belus, Jerombalus, Hasdrubal, Malkereth, Hannibal, Jupiter, Jovis, Baal-berith, Deus fidius, Baal-Zebub, Myiagrus deus, Baal-hamon, Baal-hazor, Baal-zephon, Baal-halisha

Beth 148 | Baal-tamar, Baalah, mistress, Bealoth, Beeliada, Baalis, Baana, Baanah, consumed with fire, brutish, feed upon, burn, kindle

Beth 149 | Burn, consume, put away, kindled, feed upon, brutish, burning, offensive, terrify, afraid, suddenly, mire, mud, marsh, Bezai, vintage, inaccessible, strip, peel

Beth 150 | Onions, Bezaleel, Bazlith, Bazluth, stripping, nakedness, cut to pieces, dash, break, smite, wounded, tear in pieces, plunder, cut off, plunder, defraud, finish, executes, unjust gain, lucre, flow, profit, swell, callous, dough, Bozkath, cut off, vintager, restrain, walled

Beth 151 | Lofty, fortified, break, dig out, cut off, restrained, inaccessible, breaking, brechen, precious ore, piece, particle, Bezer, sheep-fold, Bozrah, fortress, stornghold, cutting off, bottle, bubbling, Bakbuk, Bakbukiah, Bakbakkar, Bukki

Beth 152 | Bukkiah, clefts, fissures, breaches, cleave, rend, divide, hatched, open, rent, ripped, break open, part, half, valley

Beth 153 | pour out, empty, spread, divide, lay open, search, inspect, punish, inquire, examine, beeve, ox, cow, cleaving, cattle, herd, calf

Beth 154 | Mourning, dawn, punishment, chastisement, seek, search, presence, strive, require, demand, inquire, interrogate, sought, entreaty

Beth 155 | Son, chosen, beloved, fair, pure, clear, clean, corn, grain, fields, grandson, pit, salt, cut, carve, form, create, produce, beget, feed

Beth 156 | Created, cut down, form, fashion, make, Berodach, Baladan, Beraiah, fowls, stew, scatter, stale, stewed, spinkled, Bered, asunder, eat, select, choose, Baruch, damask

Beth 157 | Cyprus, lance, musical instrument, Berothah, Berothai, transfix, pierce, Birzaith, Birzoth, iron, sceptre, Barzillai, pass thru, break away

Beth 158 | Whither, wence, from, departed, fled, away, flee, fugitive, fat, Beri, fatted, fat, creation, bar, cross-bar, bolt, Berim, Beriah

Beth 159 | Covenant, league, cutting pieces, messenger, cleanses, salt of lye, Salsola, bend the knee, kneel

Beth 160 | Invoke, bless, celebrate, praise, salute, greet, curse




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