Alef Words 2

From the Gesenius Hebrew and English Lexicon




Alef 51 | to or towards, motion, turning, reaching, against, entering

Alef 52 | regarding, at, by, near, with

Alef 53 | Ela, ice, concretum, Eldaah, to call on God, to swear, an oath, strong tree, a god

Alef 54 | behold, a god, if, deities, idol-god

Alef 55 | spirit, godlike, Elul, Allon, Elon, an oak

Alef 56 | Familiar, intimate, Eliel, Eliathah, Elidad, fat tail, Elijah, Elihu, Elioenai, Eliahba, Eilihoreph

Alef 57 | nought, Eliasaph, Eliasaph, Elika, Elisheba, Elishah, Elizur

Alef 58 | Elishaphat, these, to wail, to be bound, to be silent, Amulg Trees, mute

Alef 59 | Morad, Alammelech, widow, palaces, Ellasar, Elad, Eladad, Eleazar, Elealeh, Eleasah, to join together, bring forth thousands

Alef 60 | ox, cow, a thousand, family, Eleph, urge, people, Elkanah, Elkoshite, Eltekon

Alef 61 | intimate relationship, metropolis, behold, of the earth

Alef 62 | whether, if, when

Alef 63 | Nonne, not, handmaid, beginning, head, cubit, metropolis, foundation, terror, nation

Alef 64 | Architect, builder, Amon, multitude, firmness, faithfulness, fidelity, Amoz, Ami, stron, might, top, summit, Amam, prop, stay, support

Alef 65 | supported, durable, to believe, certainty, artist, faithful, amen

Alef 66 | Covenant, Amanah, verity, Amnon, truly, alert, restore, Amazia, to say

Alef 67 | Said unto, to say in, to be said

Alef 68 | Amanah, verity, Amnon, truly, alert, restore, Amazia, to say

Alef 69 | Imri, Amariah, night, strong, mighty, firmness, Ammittai

Alef 70 | Whither, where, hither, Heliopolis, sigh, groan, they,a man, wicked, a sighing

Alef 71 | Ship, fleet, navy, plumbline, sighing, mourning - Use of personal pronoun

Alef 72 | Grieved, complain, urge, breathe, face, bird, neck, choke

Alef 73 | Shriek, sick, ill, man, mankind, thou, Asa, hurt, flask, Collection, Assir, lay up

Alef 74 | Storehouse, hoard, Asenath, scrape, gather, collect, collected, recieved

Alef 75 | Asaph, assemblies, congregations, diligently, to bind, bond, prison

Alef 76 | Prohibition, Esar-Haddon, Esther, wood, addition

Alef 77 | Also, nedum, nose, anger, Appaim, Ephod, girding, bake, furnace, baked, ephah, here

Alef 78 | Ephod, image, Aphiah, pipe, strong, go down, darkness

Alef 79 | To turn, cessation, ceae, nought, surround, contain

Alef 80 | Aphek, Aphekah, ashes, covering, turban, young, Ephraim

Alef 81 | Ephraim, Ezra, Ephrathite, Bethlehem, to connect, join, deep rooted, finger, Ezbon

Alef 82 | Azem, ankle-chain, Azaliah, a side, Ara, roe, gem, lay up, Areli, knot

Alef 83 | locust, plait, Arab, ambush, network, lace, dove-house, Aruboth, sluices, windows of heaven, Arba

Alef 84 | Purple, reddish, chest, box, Ardon, to flee, lo, behold, pluck, ard, place, here, weaver

Alef 85 | Arvad, Aradus, arodite, crib, manger, stall, cedar, bandage, healing, welfare, prosperity, Aruanah, Ark, collected, compact

Alef 86 | to walk, decree, cedar, appoint, Arah, counsels, way of, lion of God, destiny

Alef 87 | Hearth, altar, Arioch, live, prolonged, delay, pinions, Erech, Edessa, elongate

Alef 88 | Length, Archevetis, knee, Archite, Aram, high, Padan, fortress, female apartment, Syria, Armoni, nimble, active

Alef 89 | Aran, Wild Goat, pine, hare, Ornan, pit bottom, Arvad, Arphaxad, low, inferior, earth, land, country

Alef 90 | Land, grain, Palestine, Arza, heathen-land, Ararat, curser, erect, built, betroth




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