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Beth 178 | Pulsare (to thunder), Gidgag, Gudgodah, hew, cut, cutting, hewing, penetrate, press, fortune, fate, incisions, crowd, tear, furrow, troop, band of warriors

Beth 179 | Great, greatness, proud, insolent, haughty, Gaddi, kid of goats, Gaddiel, she-kid, twisted threads, festoons, fringe, tassels, tomb, tumulus, to grow

Beth 180 | to prize, to make great, to grow, to value, to increase, greatly, to make high, magnify oneself, greatness, magnitude, majesty, magnificense, Gedaliah, Giddalti, hew trees, to fell

Beth 181 | mutiliated, break asunder, clipped, broken, Gideon, Gidom, Gideoni, reproach, revile, blaspheme, to wall, to build a wall, wall-around, Cadarum, Catarata, wall, wall place, enclosure, Gedor, Geder, Jedur

Beth 182 | Enclosure, fold, sheep-fold, Gederoth, Gederothaim, Gederathite, Gederite, thrust away, cure, remove, healing, bowed, the back, cast behind, middle midst, cleave, cut, plough, ploughers

Beth 183 | Locust, Gob, Gog, press, to crowd, rising, gibbous, lift up, exaltation, haughtiness, pride, body, pass through, pass over, fly away, bring over, quails from the sea, young bird, dove, pideon, Gozan, Gauzanitis

Beth 184 | People, nation, body, corpus, barbarians, foreigners, gentiles, dead body, carcass, corpse, exiles, captives, Golan, emigration, pit, to dig

Beth 185 | To color, dye, Guni, breath out, expire, to die, to be hollow, turn aside, turn away, sojourn, dwell, foreigner, guest, neighbours, neighbors, break a channel, shaft, fear, afraid, to gather, together

Beth 186 | Multiply strive, multiply war, suckling, whelp, cub, Maaleh-Gur, Gur-Baal, small stone, calculus, lot, inheritance, clod, lump, filthy, wool, shorn, fleece, mowing, treasurer

Beth 187 | Cut, hew, stone, divide, Gizoh, Gizonite, mow, shear, cut, shorn, Gazez, shaven, squared, strip-off, flay, pluck, take by force, seize, strip, spoil, rob, peep, robbery, plunder, spooling, violence, plunder, injustice

Beth 188 | Jesm, cut off, devour, locust, Gazzam, cut down, trunk, stock, stump, stem, cut in two, divide, fail, seperated, excluded, perish, calamity, destruction, decide, determine, decree, deciders, determiners, astrologers, diviners, piece, pieces, part, Gezer, desert, land tract

Beth 189 | Eaten, cropped, naked, decree, area, enclosure, court, Gezrites, belly, Gehazi, light a fire, coal, lightning, burning coal, Gaham, flame, hide, lurk, Gahar

Beth 190 | Hinnom, Valley of Craftsman, Valley of Passengers, Valley of salt, Zephathah, bind, tie together, gaden, gatten, nerve, sinew, break, burst, from the womb, rush forth, Giah, Gibeon, stream, river, fountain, Gihon, Cush, Araxes

Beth 191 | Circle, revolve, exult, rejoice, tremble, fear, circuit, exultation, gladness, rejoicing, shouting, boil, effervesce, gohren, giehren,Geshan, heap of stones, ruins, fountain, spring, rolling, waves, boiling, welling, billows, bowl, reservoir, scratch, scrape, shave, barber, Gilboa

Beth 192 | Wheel, whirlwind, chaff, stumble, wheel, Gilgal, skull, cranium, smooth, polished, skin, naked, uncover, make bare

Beth 193 | Revealed, appear, make naked, uncover, to make known, disclose, carry away, migration, exile, Gilon, Gilonite, ball, globe, Gulloth, trunks, logs, blocks, idols

Beth 194 | Pollute oneself with idols, covering, mantle, pallium, carrying away, captivity, exile, smooth, bare naked, bald, shaven, shorn, mirrors, tablets, plates, polished metal, circle, circuit, region, Galilee, Gallim, Goliath

Beth 195 | Devolve unto Jehovah, commit to Jehovah, rolling waves, billows, scrolls, roll down upon an enemy, dung, ordure, circumstance, cause, reason, Galal, weight, magnitude

Beth 196 | great, heavy stones, dung, dungy, roll, Gilalai, wrap together, hard, sterile, barren, angry, irritated, Gilead, Gileadite, Jebel, Galeed, sit down, together

Beth 197 | Two together, both, etiam, intensive, even, drink up, swallow, drink, bulrsh, papyrush, amputate, bold, brave, fierce, cut off, amputate, staff, rod, cubit, brave soldiers, Gamul, Act, word, deed, desert, benefit

Beth 198 | Recompense, retribution, Gimzo, cut off, reward, render, to be good to someone, to benefit, camel, Gemalli, Gamaliel, congregate, conjoin, to perfect, to end, to fail, to cease, completed, finished

Beth 199 | Gomer, Gemariah, garden, park, orchard, Garden of Eden, steal, to take by stealth, secretly, deceive, thief, theft, Genubath, to hide, lay up and store, to hide, hoard, treasures, chest, treasury

Beth 200 | To cover, protect, Ginnethon, to low, Goah, Goath, abhor, castaway, Gaal, loathing, rebuke, reprove, chide, reproof, push, thrust, shaken, quake

Beth 201 | Shaking, earthquake, thin, puny, stagger, valleys of Gaash, Gatam, body, wing, bent, curved, arched, young, pendulous, wild vine, curved, gibbous, cover, pitch, cypress, ceder, brimstone, sulphur, sojourner, stranger, lime, whelp, Gera

Beth 202 | Scratch, scrape, scabby, scurf, Gareb, Gurges, throat, gullet, gargle, loam, lump, clay, dwelling, Girgashite, Girgashites, grate, scratch, kratzen, kratzig, rough, excite, irritated, angry, the Wicked, contend with, rumination, cud, grain, berry, a gerah

Beth 203 | Granule, grains, kernels, berry, throat, place, cut, separate, desert, sterile, Girzite, Gerizite, Mount Girizim, Gerizites, Jebel el-Tur, axe, hewing-stone, gritty, rough, gravelly, rough, morose, stern, grollig, grillig, harsh

Beth 204 | Cut, keep, lay-up, reserve, gnaw, crush, devour, bone, body, ass, horse, smooth, smoothen, wipe, sweep, level, threshing floor, scaping, grating, rubbing, scratch, shave, diminish, detract, withhold

Beth 205 | Attract, taken away, withheld, snatch, hurry, pluck, drag off, grab, gripe, grasp, grating, scraping, sawing, gargle, gurgle, ruminate, chew, cud, gathered riches

Beth 206 | Ruminate, sawed, sweepingplunder, pillage, spoil, , Gerar, crushed, broken, pounded, drive, thrust, cast out, expel, plunder, pillage, spoil, carried off, swept away, expulsion, Gershon, Gershom, Geshur, Geshurite

Beth 207 | Rain, pour, Geshem, body, Gashmu, Goshen, caress, stroke, flatter, bridge, feel, grope, wine press, Gath, Gittite, Gath-rimmon, stringed musical instrument

Beth 208 | Gether





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