Daleth Letter

Daleth Words 1

From the Gesenius Hebrew and English Lexicon

Index of Hebrew to English words



Daleth 208 | Lips, Gether, Daleth, this, melt away, pine away, fish, languor, Doeg, fear, afraid, fearful, dread, anxiety, fly, dart, rapid, ravenous bird, bear

Daleth 209 | Medeba, quiet, rest, softly, slowly, tap, step, treading, creep, flow, slander, evil report, wasp, bee, swarm, Deborah, sacrifice, dove dung, sanctuary, adytum, oraculum, Debir, cleave, adhere, press together, round mass, dung

Daleth 210 | Riblah, round cakes, Diblaim, Diblathaim, cleave, adhere, glued, overtake, befall, pursue, soldering, welding, joints, row, order, lead, guide, drive, subdue, reduce, follow, behind

Daleth 211 | Waylay, plot, destroy, order, speak, promise

Daleth 212 | Spake, spoken, converse, subdue, verbum, lip-talk, word, discourse, precept, command, mandate, oracle, counsel, report

Daleth 213 | Measure, manner, thing, matter, affair, daily task, cause, something, reason, destruction, death, pasture, drifts, floats, debri, Daberath, depso, honey, knead, soften, soft

Daleth 214 | Flag, banner, standard, cover, increase, brood, sit upon, breast, pap, softly, slowly, Dedan, Daden, Dodanim, Dardani, Rodanim, Rhodians, gold, Dahi, Dehavites, dumb, stupor, astonishment, calamity, astounding, stupifying

Daleth 215 | Yellow, honey, syrup, hump, Dabbasheth, fish, cover, increase, Dagon, Derceto, flag, banner, standard

Daleth 216 | Astonished, struck dumb, circle movement, swiftly, revolve, to pine, languish, consume, fish, fisherman, fishing, fishery, boil, moved, agitated, love, caresses, endearment, beloved, friend, boiler, pot, basket, House of David, aunt, Dodo

Daleth 217 | Dodavah, boiler, basket, loving, amatory, love-apples, languid, atropa, faint, unwell, menstruous cloth, sick at heart, unhappy, afflicted, thrust, cast away, languor, sickness, sickening, loathsomeness, bray, pound, beat, unclean bird, upupa, sumb, silent, still

Daleth 218 | Silence, Dumah, silent, mute, quiet, trust, confidence, Damascus, rule, judge, low, depressed, humble, remaining, dwelling, judgement, wax, leap, skip, dance, look, lookout, circle, round, ball

Daleth 219 | Generation, ages, future, posterity, dwelling, habitation, Dor, Dura, beat, bruise, dash, crush, trample, tread, trhesh, threshing

Daleth 220 | Overthrow, knock down, push, thrust, concubine, fear, afraid, terrify, to smoke, millet, hasten, urge, impel, impelled, press, repulse, sufficiency, enough

Daleth 221 | Abundance, multitude, possessor, lord, master, he, who, that, which, relation, King's captain, sign, conjunction, when, time, after

Daleth 222 | Gold, Dibon, Dhiban, Diban-Gad, to fish, black vulture, rule, govern, ink stand, judge, judgeth, contend, strive, judgement, cause, wrong, guilt, wicked, right, justice

Daleth 223 | Controversy, strife, judgement, judge, defender, advocate, Dinah, Dinaites, , watch-tower, wall, tread, thresh, antelope, Dishon, crushed, broken, dejected, afflicted, oppressed, chastise, this, hic, beaten small

Daleth 224 | Breaketh, break, crush, broken, contrite, bruised, afflicted, humble, sinks down, wounded, mutilated, crushing, dashing, to remember, ram, record, register, book of records, hanging, swinging, door of the lips

Daleth 225 | Door, weak, feeble, powerless, leap, spring, door, hanging down, pliant, thread, hair, lock, slenderness, weakness, lowness, poverty, trouble, water buckets, Delaiah, Delilah, boughs, branches, pendulous, swing, wave

Daleth 226 | Wave, fluctuate, slack, languid, feeble, enfeebled, weakness, Dilean, drop, drip, distil, shed tears, weep, Dalphon, burn, flame, inflame, hotly, kindle, hinge, valve, door

Daleth 227 | Folding doors, gates, blood, innocent blood, blood-guiltiness, likeness, bloodshed, similitude, resemblence, likeness, resemble, beloved, roe, liken, compare, to think, to purpose, to meditate, remember

Daleth 228 | Dumb, silent, still, destroy, destroyed, cut-off, desolation, destruction, likeness, image, model, pattern, appearance, form, shape, like, stillness, rest, struck dumb

Daleth 229 | Rest, cease, leave off, dumb, still, , to quiet, perish, silence, stillness, dung, manure, Dimnah, Rimmon, tear, tears, collect

Daleth 230 | Quick, active, alert, Damascus, cloth, silk, stuff, this, thus, melt, liquid, Dannah, Daniel, Dinhabah, murmur, knowledge, opinion

Daleth 231 | Deuel, to call, quenched, estinguished, dry up, to fear, knowin, knowldge, intelligence, understanding, insight, thrust, push, rivalry, Dophkah, small, fine, minute, dust, slight, palm-tree, Diklah

Daleth 232 | Break, crushed, made fine, stamp, thrust-through, slain witgh sword, pearl, age, generation, repulse, aversion, abhorrence, sharp, pointed, goads, goad

Daleth 233 | Advance, go on, Darda, thorny, caltrop, thistle, south, south-wind, swallow, spontaneous flow, letting go, free, liberty, Darius, tread, trample

Daleth 234 | Tread, bent, walk,way, perverse double way, journey, way, path, towards, a way, walks

Daleth 235 | Way, sinful way, manner, daric, bow of Darius, Damascus, the arm, strew, scatter, drill, twirl, whirl, fly in circles, glance, sparkle, radiate, flow out, rub, stamp, tread

Daleth 236 | Tread, go to, come, search, seek, ask, demand, require, grant access

Daleth 237 | Sprout, spring, shoots, herbage, tender, greenness, fat, cleanse from ashes, fatness, fertility, mandate, law, statute



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